Harvest Fiesta Digital Food Dehydrator, 12 Tray

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Model #32621 - 110V Model

Model #32622 - 220V Model 


304 Series stainless steel (food grade) NSF Certified for sanitation and commercial electric cooking appliances, UL 197 (CSA 109 Canada) – Safe operation for home and commercial use.  

REAL TEMP Digital Control - displays accurate temperatures from 80°F - 175°F

No false temperature data - displays REAL-TIME temperature, not programmed set temperature. Important when dehydrating at low temperatures for long periods. 

Capacitive-touch display - detects the touch of a finger; no mechanical, breakable tabs to press underneath a plastic over-lay.

Programmable timer up to 99 hours - Extended hours of operation for thorough dehydration.

Solid State Relay - extended life, thousands of hours and years of operation.

Removable shelves and shelf holders - easy to remove for cleaning, sanitary and hygienically safe, 304 Food grade stainless steel construction. No plastic molded interior shelf holders, support ridges or punch-out bracket holes for shelving support that can all hide and collect left-over food residues.

• Stainless steel door

5 Year Warranty


  • Heating Element 1600W 
  • 110-120VAC, 13.3 Amps, 60 Hz (requires 20 Amp branch style circuit)
  • 220V 1 Phase, 6.4 Amps, 60 Hz.
  • Temperature Range: 80ºF - 175ºF (32ºC - 80ºC)


    • 22-1/4 D x 22-1/2" W x 20-1/2" H
    • Shelves: 20 3/4”x 18” w/ 1/4 in. holes.
    • 31 sq/ft. of Drying Space

    The Harvest Fiesta REAL-TEMP Capacitive Touch Digital Control (CTDC) is safe and accurate

    The REAL-TEMP CTDC will always display the actual dehydrating temperature inside the dehydrator. Standard digital controls can give you a false sense of temperature. For instance, once a temperature is entered and start is pressed, the entered temperature will always appear in the LED display throughout the entire timed dehydrating cycle. 

    However, if you were to place 1 or 2 additional thermometers inside, you will see temperature fluctuations based on the foods moisture content and the heating and cooling of the heating element during its cycle to maintain temperature. 

    With placement of additional thermometer(s), you will see the temperature slowly begin to climb and drop while the dehydrator is trying to maintain the selected temperature. The Harvest Fiesta REAL-TEMP CTDC will display these temperature fluctuations taking place inside the dehydrator, so you will always be certain of the true dehydrating temperature. 

    This feature is particularly important when dehydrating at low temperatures when cooking raw food cuisine. You will see the highs and lows throughout the entire timed dehydrating cycle.

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