About Us

Company Info:

TSM Products, a division of The Sausage Maker, Inc, has been manufacturing and selling food processing equipment for over 40 years. All of our products have been performance tested by knowledgeable food service professionals for complete customer satisfaction.

Founded by Rytek Kutas in 1976. Rrytek had a great passion for home sausage making. His book, “Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing” published in 1976, is now in its 4th addition and has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Rytek was a pioneer in designing sausage making equipment for home use and went on to develop a successful catalog-mail order business. He offered a wide variety of seasonings and unique sausage making supplies to the home hobbyist and commercial kitchen. Krzysztof Stanuszek, current owner of the company later became Rytek’s designer and engineer, still maintains Rytek’s passion for sausage making and has become an innovator to the sausage making enthusiast. Kris has expanded the company’s product line to include a wide range of sausage stuffers, food dehydrators, smokers, cheese presses and specialty stainless steel food processing tools. All manufactured in Buffalo, New York.

The company has also expanded its home food processing product offerings in recent years to include imports of many specialty items from Europe and Asia. All designed to make fun-family traditions safe, healthy and easy.