30 Liter Fruit Press with Ratchet Handle

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Our TSM Harvest Fruit & Wine Press combines modern technology and old world tradition to create a simple and fun tool for your family, so you can now begin your own traditions. Why pay for expensive wines that are nothing more than fermented grape juice behind a brand-name label, make the type of wine that you like for a fraction of the price. 

• 30L (7.9 Gallon/31.7 Qt.) capacity
• Solid US oak wood basket
• Cast powder coated hardware
• Nickel plated ratchet handle
• Dual pressing speed and direction
• Includes 8 wood blocks

  • Dimensions: 
  • Inside Dimensions: 


Model #34110 - TSM Harvest Fruit & Wine Press with Ratchet Handle, 30L

  Shipping Weight: 52 lbs. 


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