Harvest Fiesta Veggie Lid

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Fermented veggies are a fresh, healthy and delicious way to eat a variety of garden favorites. The Harvest Fiesta Veggie Jar is the perfect way to get started in this age-old practice. Whether you’re using our Veggie Jar Lid and your own jar, or using one of our Harvest Veggie Jar Kits, complete with a 64 oz Ball Widemouth Canning Jar, you’ll be in business in no time. There’s already a ” hole bored in the center of the stainless steel lid for inserting the glass airlock and silicone FDA approved stopper. Just fill with your favorite chopped or shredded veggies, salt and water. Then put the lid on, fill the airlock with salt water and allow the veggies to transform. It can happen in as few as three days! Our included recipe guide will walk you through preparing these favorites: Sauerkraut, Carrots and Pickled Onions.

• Glass Airlock

• Silicone Stopper 

• 2 oz Sea Salt

• Stainless Steel Lid

• (3) Rubber Gaskets

• Widemouth Jar Ring

• Instructions

Model #81920



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